Al Galbraith and Associates, a real estate marketer who turns dying industry towns into thriving recreational and retirement communities, commissioned a promotional video as an added feature for his company's website. The video has been down loaded 30,000 times by Internet users. In fact, Galbraith's Internet campaigns to sell homes from Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia to Plattsburgh, New York are so successful, the company has cut back its traditional advertising. Here's how streaming video promotes your organization online.

Time Warner Cable TV Deals

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How to get Free Cable TV on Internet – Live Video Streaming on PC for Free

Viewing favorite TV show online is becoming popular day by day. According to a study 16 percent of broadband internet users had seen at least one TV program via the internet which is up double from last year figures. Click here to get Links
This survey shows that the extent of internet TV popularity is growing day by day.
Have you ever wondered why people watch television online? About 70% of them told that they watch television online because they had missed a TV episode. Some internet viewers watch the TV online to re-watch a show on Internet.

Time Warner Cable Digital Services Has Many Rewarding Aspects

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